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Boardworks offers diving programs for all ages, levels and abilities throughout the year at Saanich Commonwealth Place. 

For beginners, choose from our OlympicGarten, FunDive and Swim'n Dive programs.  For more advanced participants our

Pacific Coast Rec and Boardworks Jr programs will provide advanced instruction.

Registration for  

2023 SPRING BREAK (March 20 - 31)  PROGRAMS is open NOW

SPRING 2023 (April - June) PROGRAMS opens FEBRUARY 10


(Age 5 - 8 years)

Designed to provide 5 - 9 year olds with a foundation for elite performance in sport, each 90 minute class includes gymnastic activities & trampoline, movement &  stretching and diving in the water. Instructors focus on developing coordination, flexibility, strength, fitness, posture, listening skills and concentration while having FUN!

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(Age 9 - 15 years)

Want to learn how to dive but don’t know where to start?  FunDive is the answer.  If you are 8 - 15 we’ll start by teaching you the basics by taking you through Level 1 of our program or complete all 8 levels at your own pace.  FunDive is where the emphasis is on fun!  

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(Age 8 - 13 years)

Combine the best of swimming and diving with this unique program from Boardworks & Pacific Coast Swimming. Designed by award winning National and International diving and swimming coaches children will learn the introductory competitive swimming and diving skills in a safe and fun environment.

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(Age 5 - 9 years)

Boardworks Jr. is a program for the most advanced OlympicGarten participants who are preparing for advancement to the Boardworks Diving team.  By invitation only.


(Age 9 - 16 years)

Pacific Coast Rec & Pacifc Coast Rec Jr programs are for advanced FunDive or graduated OlympicGarten participants who have taken at least one session of Fundive or OlympicGarten and are looking to learn more advanced diving skills in a fun, non-competitive learning environment.  

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(Age 16 + years)

If you are 16 or older, come try our adult diving class.  All levels, beginners to experienced, are welcome.  Classes include group warm-up, stretching and dryland training in addition to time in the water. Develop your diving skills on the trampoline, dryboard, springboards and platforms.  Diving isn’t just for kids!

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